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York Nordic is an award winning manufacturer of Nordic Walking Poles and traditional hiking poles, as well as unique crutches that aid in the recovery process. Our exclusive and innovative designs have earned us top ratings with customers across the US. 

Because feedback from the physical therapy community has indicated that walking poles and Nordic walking can be an integral part of a recovery or exercise program, we have created a partnership program that provides easy access to leading walking products for your patients plus supplemental revenue for your practice.

 If you are interested in a partnership or simply learning more about York Nordic products, please contact us using the form below.

Recovery Aids

  • Red Burner Hiking - Walking Poles - 2 pack - adjustable pair w-flip locks detachable feet

    The Motivator

    - Trusted by physical therapists for balance improvement - Ideal for Parkinson's patients, stroke recovery, cancer rehab, hip replacement, knee surgery, spinal injuries or anywhere walking is part of your rehab - The unique design relieves joint stress and enhances posture and core muscles. Takes weight and stress off of knees and joints and can ease the pain of arthritis while walking
  • Adjustable Spring Cushion Crutches Perfect for Sports Injuries and Travel - Heights 4’7’

    Spring Crutches and Foldable Crutches

    - Spring crutches collapse to 22", perfect for recovery when you are on the go and need to travel or go to the store - Folding traveler forearm crutches fold down to a convenient 21" and reassemble in less than a second with sections that quickly jump and snap into place
  • Walking Poles for Rehab

    Walking Poles

    - Walking poles offer balance and stability, valued specifically by seniors seeking an exercise or recovery program

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