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Walking poles can be beneficial in the recovery process and as part of an exercise routine

  • Walking poles help by providing extra points of contact with the ground, improving your stability and balance. This can be especially useful for individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries, as it reduces the risk of falls.
  • Trek and Nordic grips are traditionally used and offer great benefits. However, York Nordic’s patented Motivator grip is designed to provide additional stability when pinching the thumb grip on the side or reduce stress on the hands and wrists when pinching from the top. All can help in the rehab process.

Introducing the Motivator Pole

Our newest pole has patented contoured grips provide two contoured thumb support positions which stabilizes the trapeziometacarpal joint and reduces strain on CMC thumb joint, providing further health benefits from your walking. The unique grip and pole combo provide additional balance and stability making them ideal for rehab!

"I'm a long time York Nordic pole user that was looking for a more supportive grip for rehab post surgery. I really like the grip and how it offers two thumb positions, much more comfortable for my arthritis to have my thumb in the pinch position on top. I went with the lightning bolts :)" Brian S.

Nordic and Pole Walking

Exercise • Balance & Stability • Injury Recovery