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New booties for old sticks

I was pleased to get my package very quickly. My sticks are old Exerstriders and their replacement tips/ booties are out of stock. The ones I ordered from York Nordic are similar, but don't fit because the diameter of the tip of the pole is too large. I used a utility knife to whittle the hard rubber down so it fits into the York Nordic tip. I appreciate getting the new tips from your company.

Bought this for one of my sisters she loves it. The Maori print is really nice. Thank you!!

Prefer the rubber ones

I really prefer the rubber ones. Reasons are
1) the rubber can be wiped off frequently
2) they stay on much better.
I do however love my crutches and appreciate the fact that I can buy parts.

X-SHORT SIZE (for those 5'3" and shorter): Choose from NORDIC OR TREK GRIP versions -- York Nordic Travel Folding Walking & Hiking Poles - 13.5 in with Rubber Feet, Baskets, and Bag

I loved these poles. They are easy to fold and unfold, pack easily in my suitcase, and are just the right height for me.

They were delivered to my hotel.

Son Likes the walking stick

My son who suffers from Cerebral Palsy likes his new walking stick. He is left hand dominant and doesn't use his right hand/arm. We have two sticks. We are working with the company to try and get another "left hand" stick so he can keep one pole at school and one at home.

Great for travel - not for regular use

These are great light poles that are perfect for travel. They fold up and can fit in an overhead. I wouldn't necessarily use them all the time, but they're a life saver when you're on the go.

Great and useful addition! Easy to attach and use. Great size as well.

5 stars

liked them so much that I bought a pair for my husband and recommended them, so far, to two friends.

I’m desperate to walk with ease!

I’m still using my walker but Nordic poles practice is helping gain confidence in walking.


The team worked tirelessly to make certain that I got my crutches after I made a mistake on my order. I was able to get my crutches, and let me say, like Utena, they revolutionized my world. I’m so glad I finally caved and made the purchase, I’ve been wanting these for years at this point and I can tell you they’re absolutely worth the money. I will warn you if you’re a student the strain of the backpack and crutches don’t feel good on my shoulders at all, but it’s way better than my cane was. I think if I get a chair in combination with my crutches, I’ll really be able to get around like I never have before. I have EDS, POTS, Angina, fibromyalgia, anemia, and anemia that this is all immensely helpful for.

Great idea!

The Motivator grip on a folding pole! Great idea, now I can bring them with me when I visit my kids!


Hey! Girly with extreme hyper mobility and hip dysplasia here. I got these to deal with hip pain. I didn’t not want typical crutches to put more stress on my hyper mobile joints. These work great for both my hip pain and to protect my other joints!!! Highly recommend.

Love them!!!!!!!

I use theses all the time!!!! They are so comfortable and easy to use!!!! Best purchase so far!!!!

Groovy poles

Purchased in anticipation of aging related assistance. In addition, my driveway is at an 8 degree incline and our winters produce ice hidden by snow which is a disaster waiting to happen. I've fallen on hidden ice in the driveway and had to crawl into the snow bank to push myself up. These poles will help me pull and push into a standing position along with ice cleats on my shoes. Getting to my mailbox is dangerous!!

Needed this for traveling!

Just got these for our trip in HH. Great to have a folding version that I can just throw in my bag and go.

LONG SIZE (for those 5'7 and taller) Travel Folding Walking & Hiking Poles - 13.5 in with Rubber Feet, Baskets, and Bag
Janice Hunter
Love it!

I bought a pair for my daughter. I've had my set of hiking sticks for years and have absolutely loved them.

highly recommend for EDS or joint pain in general

I've been using these nearly everyday since they came in, they are an absolute game changer. They help 1000 times more than my other walking aids and I coukd never sing the praise enough. I ordered an extra base pad, I was also sent a free extra wing pad. I recommend ordering both if you believe your arms are gonna be too thin for your cuffs. At first they were a bit wobbly but once I added the extra padding they were perfect. The fact that they work with shop after pay also made me even able to purchase these. Thank you so much smartcrutch!

Just what I needed!

I noticed someone with one of these at a recent convention - I have bad knees and even worse elbows. So a traditional cane or crutch is really difficult to use. The smartcrutch was exactly what I needed. I can keep my elbow bent at a comfortable angle and still put weight on the crutch. Well made, plenty of adjustments.


I love them they’re working so well for me with my amputation of the left leg

Excellent product

Purchased these for my 81 year old mother who has not been able to walk long distances since fracturing her back a few years ago. She misses going on walks and hikes. Using her new Motivator poles, we actually went on a short hike in the woods yesterday and she had no pain. Absolutely wonderful. She plans to keep them in her car and use them often.

Christmas present

Great looking. Handgrip feels small for my x-large hands. Will take some time to get use to after using regular York Nordic larger grips. I like the alternate thumb and wrist rest since I am having balance issues after a year of knee surgery and arthritis. Maybe future research will include two grip sizes.