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Fairly sturdy, fairly comfortable

These work alright for me. I think these could use more molded hand pieces, and they have a bit of wobble to them where they join. I'm going to add some foam tape to try to improve the former. Overall I still recommend them, though.

Exactly what I was looking for - Comfortable!

I ordered these to assist me with my RA pain and a knee injury. I was going on a trip overseas and was looking for something that, first and foremost, was comfortable and also easy to travel with (foldable/compact). They worked so well and was able to adjust the length and the cuff where it fit in the airplane overhead bin and also under the seat (if sitting at a window seat). I had 4 connecting flights and it was easy to travel with and no issues at airport security. I'm also 5' 1.5" an no problems adjusting them to my height and there was still room to make it shorter and taller, of course.

They are also very comfortable. They eliminate the pain in my wrists (compared to normal crutches). Due to my RA, I can't depend on my wrists so it's nice to be able to lean on the cuffs instead, with the smartCRUTCH, and not have to use my wrists. After a few practice runs, it was very easy to use and easy to adjust.

I highly recommend them! I got lots of compliments and inquiries, during my cruise. I made sure to let them know where I purchased them and gave them the link.

I was concerned originally with the size of the cuff but the pads filled in the space for my small arms (or you can use it without the pads, if not needed). One of the pads did fall out but it was easy enough to clean off the glue and will re-glue it later but I didn't really need the pads so I might just keep it as it is.

Also, I highly recommend the crutch bag! This was a wonderful add-on to the order. Thank you Lauren!!!! I was able to fit my phone and room key along with my reading glasses and lip balm. It carried quite a few things and love the little mesh side pocket too. I didn't have to carry a purse with me so it made it super convenient. I Love it!!! I also found out that if I want to change out the design, I can order the (Interchangeable) Static Skins - to sass up my Cuffs, and not have to order a separate smartCrutch.

Overall, I am super happy I purchased them. I have been looking for an option where I could have an assistive device without causing me any additional pain in my joints and this is exactly what I was looking for. Lauren/owner was so nice too so it made the purchasing experience all that much better. Thank you!!!!


EXCELLENT!!!!! I teach Nordic Walking and have had several students who are in their late 80’s or early 90’s and who have balance instabilities… These Motivator poles are perfect for them…. Not only does it help with their balance, but it also gives them confidence in a variety of walking situations… Some of my more elderly students have even graduated to using their Motivator poles to use their upper body muscles to accomplish the “push” of Nordic Walking…
I highly recommend these Motivator poles.
Sam DG—

York Nordic Poles

Wonderful service and Nordic Walking supplies. It was easy to chose and purchase The correct poles. Lauren is totally helpful!

Good but not great.

These are definitely an improvement over standard forearm crutches. It took me a few days to get used to them after using closed cuff Walkeasy crutches for years but it was worth it! My balance is a lot better and I feel less fatigue in my legs. It definitely works my upper body more, but I need it. They're also super comfortable and the padding around the arms is great. I love that the grips are rubber too and they're much, much easier to clean.

However, I have basically no use of my hands while using these crutches. I wish they had hinged cuffs so I could bend my elbows and open doors etc. They're also horrible for getting up stairs. I can't propose a fix for that but I basically have to just hold them off the ground and get no support when going up stairs. I also wish there were more plain colors. I don't want stripes or a pattern, I just want white crutches.

Finally, I have a big issue with how these make me a walking advertisement. The giant Smartcrutch logos are annoying and I'm going to be covering them ASAP. If able bodied people don't have to have permanent advertisements on their legs, neither should disabled people. Even if I like the brand I should at bare minimum be given a choice as to whether I advertise for them.

These are great

Love my new smartcrutches! I use them a bunch and they’ve made my day to day a lot easier.

Love This Bag!!

I absolutely love this bag. It can be difficult to carry a purse when using crutches. This bag allows me to bring everything that I need with me without having to depend on others for help. It truly has made my life easier and I would recommend it to anyone.

Nicely designed and drafted. I think I will need to build up the base of the hand rest a bit with something so my thumb can reach the rest for the thumb. Nice dealing with you.

Easy to Use and Comfortable!

They are very adjustable and fit well! They help a lot and I love the design I picked too! Definitely a worthwhile purchase!

All Good: Nordic Walking Poles, Dunes of the Cape

Ad includes all needed information with descriptions and visuals of the poles, grips, and pole tips. Quality poles are sourced locally at a reasonable price, with a portion back to our Nordic Walking group. Attractive poles + handy travel bag. Quick delivery gets you started!

Loyal Customer! My Second Pair.

SmartCrutches have saved my career as a home health nurse. My son got me my first pair almost 3 years ago, as a cane was putting too much strain on my hand and wrist. I began only using one in a similar fashion to a cane. Some time later, I had a bad fall that ended my ambulation, so I had to figure out another way to get around. I worked hard to learn how to use my SmartCrutches with a full swing-through gait, and I'm able to continue to work as before. The adjustable platform enabled me to get the proper amount of weight distribution to protect my joints as much as possible. I do use a wheelchair when not with patients, but these have been incredible tools to help me continue to live my life. The new ones I just received are even lighter than the old ones, which help save on energy as well. My old ones were going to need new grips and crutch tips, so I have designated them for home use to get out in the yard and into my closet. Thank you for having such a well-made and customizable product! My old crutches are in the picture. My new ones are the mermaid scales, and they're so cute!


I am a PT and learned about these fabulous poles at our recent National Convention in Boston. I bought myself (56 yrs) and my mother in-law ( 88 yrs) both a pair. At first my mother in-law said she didn’t want to use them in public because she didn’t want people to think she’s an “invalid”. Then she
tried them and loved how they help her stand up straight when walking! I myself get more of a total body work out engaging my upper trunk and arms and I absolutely love them!! My mother in-law uses the collapsible pair with the neutral grip handles for walking and it has made a difference in her posture and confidence while walking with more stability on a variety of surfaces. I have the Nordic poles which help me focus on cardio and strength while using them. They are great for all ages! Highly recommend!!!


I have hEDS and my smartCRUTCHes are exactly what I needed to help with the fatigue and give me more options for mobility! And I love that there was a cryptid Mothman option!

life savers!

Replaced my cane with these after my CFS and chronic leg pain started progressing, and truly they’ve been the reason I can actually leave my house, go to class, etc. The amount of support they provide is so much better than anything I’ve used before.

New booties for old sticks

I was pleased to get my package very quickly. My sticks are old Exerstriders and their replacement tips/ booties are out of stock. The ones I ordered from York Nordic are similar, but don't fit because the diameter of the tip of the pole is too large. I used a utility knife to whittle the hard rubber down so it fits into the York Nordic tip. I appreciate getting the new tips from your company.

Bought this for one of my sisters she loves it. The Maori print is really nice. Thank you!!

Prefer the rubber ones

I really prefer the rubber ones. Reasons are
1) the rubber can be wiped off frequently
2) they stay on much better.
I do however love my crutches and appreciate the fact that I can buy parts.

X-SHORT SIZE (for those 5'3" and shorter): Choose from NORDIC OR TREK GRIP versions -- York Nordic Travel Folding Walking & Hiking Poles - 13.5 in with Rubber Feet, Baskets, and Bag

I loved these poles. They are easy to fold and unfold, pack easily in my suitcase, and are just the right height for me.

They were delivered to my hotel.

Son Likes the walking stick

My son who suffers from Cerebral Palsy likes his new walking stick. He is left hand dominant and doesn't use his right hand/arm. We have two sticks. We are working with the company to try and get another "left hand" stick so he can keep one pole at school and one at home.