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Great product, great service.

I love my York Nordic trek sticks! And these paws really have extended their life many times over. Than you.

Doesn't actually fit ALL tips

Does not fit the new spring tips

Thanks so much for your great question, yes... it gets a bit funky with the spring tips which are super tall almost like high heels. So please review the video explanation I made for you below. We have our fingers crossed that this clearly explains one way to get the ice tips working nicely with your cool spring tips. Good luck! :-) Move freely, Lauren DeLong and the Customer Support Team


These have been a life saver I have been been using them to get out more and I really like how they have improved my posture compared to using a single cane. The only thing I will say is that the rubber on the tip of the handle wears quickly.

Just what I needed

I have a left wrist injury and left knee injury. I needed crutches but can’t use conventional ones due to my wrist injury. The Smartcrutch design is exactly what I needed to move from sedentary to mobile. From one motorcycle rider to another , thank you for this amazing design!

smartCRUTCH Wing Tip Pads
Elizabeth Brunt
Smart crutch wing pads

these do not stick AT ALL! The crutch is nearly impossible to use.

Amazing for hypermobility in sholders

I love these crutches, I have many different styles and fitting but I use these the most. My joints dislocate easily so using crutches always risks shoulder or elbow dislocations. I love that I can make them horizontal to take some pressure off. I can also make the hand holder part a little further then ment to be so the rest of the crutch supports my elbow to help prevent hyper-extention to help build mussle without causing injury

Great!!! I researched several walking sticks and yours was the most impressive and best price! They fit my hands well and I love the purple color! I need to strengthen my legs after a hospital stay and these really help my balance! Thank you!

Nice crutches, wrong fit

Nice crutches but wrong fit. We measured at least 10 times, contacted support to verify our choice and the crutches are still too big around arms. The padding helped some but not enough and it promptly fell out and was lost.

cuff and grip replacement

I have owned my smartcrutches for a while. While I have not experienced any equipment issues. When I have needed to get replacement parts due to normal wear and tear. The customer service and response were awesome. I also like the fact it appears they are always looking for was to improve the product. I highly recommend this crutch and company.

great help but a bit loose

They have really helped me when I have to walk around a lot outside the house. The only negatives I can think of is that they're very loose on the forearm part and I had to buy extra padding. Also one of the crutches makes a lot of noise compared to the other one. I love them though especially the spiderweb design

Loved these for hip surgery recovery

Used these crutches throughout my entire recovery from pelvic osteotomy. They took a few days to get used to, but were completely comfortable and stable. I recommend the attachable pouch/pocket for holding your water bottle & phone.

These crutches are absolutely the best crutches I have ever had and I have had quite a lot of walking devices they have a little notch at the back that helps you get up when you fall the arm cuff keeps you from having to actually hold on to them the whole time my hands don't grip very well all I really need is one finger on the handle to balance them they have kept me from falling probably over a hundred times with my muscle dystrophy it gets hard to stay up but they allow me to still have some freedom from the wheelchair thank you for making such a wonderful product cat me up and going for another 2 years God bless you

nice crutches, but not enough to stabile my daughter with non-weight bearing

nice crutches, but not enough to stabile my daughter with non-weight bearing for the next 4 months


I love the way this mobility aid looks, it's lightweight, fun and without it I'd be very limited in my day to day

Thank you 💜

Great, but there is a learning curve

While there is a big learning curve on these if you are experienced in "regular" crutches, I have to say they are pretty good! MUCH easier on the armpits since they never touch, but there's a lot of stress on the shoulders themselves. That said, after having to experience needle tenotomy due to severe/chronic plantars fasciitis, these crutches were a huge/big/ginormous help in keeping the weight off the foot and getting around the house! I haven't yet been able to use them in the flat position, but the angled down position and ergo grips are much easier on my arthritic hands. I would purchase these again, and recommend them to others.

Cheaply made

I waited a long time to get the bag, and when I did, I was disappointed at the quality of it. It wouldn’t attach to my Smart Crutch as the straps were way too short. The zipper broke the second time I went to close it. I sent numerous emails and got no response. I got my Smart Crutches through the VA since I’m a disabled Veteran. Also, the rubber grips on my crutches are already state to deteriorate. I like the crutches but unfortunately it is a cheaply made product. I reckon that I’m going to have to find another product. Good concept but poor quality and poor customer service.

Much easier on wrists

I am disabled and need to walk everywhere with one walking pole. Using this style has eliminated the wrist soreness I was getting from gripping normal trek walking stick.


I have CRPS and EDS and these crutches are a lifesaver when I have a hard time bearing weight on my right foot. I had lots of people asking me about them and I always told them exactly where I got it and how much it's helped me. Thanks again!

smartCRUTCH Handles
Gerardo M. Salsano
Product works fine, BUT

The replacement handles work fine in my very old crutches despite the fact that staff (owners?) said they would not. They instead tried to sell me new crutches.


Received these as a whole pair of crutches instead of just cuffs. Beautiful and perfect! Love them!

Saved my life

Without these crutches I would be bed ridden most days. Since getting my first one (and later a second) I've been able to get around campus and finally enjoy the out doors again. Integral part of my every day life and I'm so grateful for them :D

très bon produit


Great for fatigue

The single crutch helps me get around campus, and though i have to be careful how much pressure i put on my shoulder, it’s definitely a major improvement to my walking cane.