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Which Grip Should I Buy

Motivator Grip

Great for rehab and stability

  1. Grasp = thumb grasps around the side of the grip
  2. Pinch = thumb rests on the top in a pinching position which improves proprioception and offers state of the art ergonomics and best in class hand support for the biaxial saddle joint

The result is a 10 times reduction in stress at CMC joint minimizing torsional load while providing balance and stability to the patient looking for motivation to begin walking more confidently.

Our palm cradle provides maximum hand support, maintaining a neutral wrist position and reducing strain on wrists and joints. Helps engage core muscles as you walk.

Trusted by physical therapists for balance improvement. Ideal for Parkinson's patients, stroke recovery, cancer rehab, hip replacement, knee surgery, spinal injuries or anywhere walking is part of your rehab. The unique design relieves joint stress and enhances posture and core muscles. Takes weight and stress off of knees and joints and can ease the pain of arthritis while walking.

These poles are specially designed to improve balance.  Perfect for physical therapy and rehab. Used by Parkinson’s patients, cancer rehab, spinal injuries, or anywhere where walking is part of your plan
Cadaveric biomechanical studies suggest that positioning the thumb over the top in a pinch position offers a ten-fold reduction in the stress at the CMC joint than grasping a pole with thumb around the side

Trek Grip

Trek grips are for more traditional hiking and walking or for those needing extra balance and stability. The wrist strap is a thinner strap preferred by those walking on variable terrain or focused on balance and stability. Trek grip is a customer favorite for those traveling and needing "a friend to lean on".

Perfect for variable terrains

Contoured foam supports your hand

Thicker ergonomic design comforts arthritic hands

Fleece lined strap provides great wrist support

Extended foam grip below the main grip provides extra grip at a lower point on the pole for support on steeper trails

Trek Grip Closeup
Trek Grip
Comfort Strap
Extended Grip

Nordic Grip

Nordic grips are for classic nordic walking and have glove straps for your right and left hands that allow you to 'click in'. These grips are best for the stable and balanced walker looking for exercise.

Perfect for flatter terrain and active fitness or Nordic walking

Easy click out release glove style strap

Glove style supports your hand to maximize pole control and push

Push red button on grip for quick release from pole

Thicker grips than traditional Nordic grips increase comfort

Velcro strap has a specially designed end, easier to get the strap secured, does not come unthreaded, reduces frustration

Nordic Grip Closeup
Nordic Grip
Quick Release Straps
Glove-style strap