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Benefits of Nordic Walking

What is Nordic Walking  

A very efficient aerobic workout, Nordic Walking is fitness walking with specially designed Nordic Walking poles and offers a very efficient aerobic workout and easy way to improve your physical condition irrespective of age, sex or physical condition. Here are some quick tips or 'how tos' you can check out.

Nordic Walking has become the hottest new trend in fitness in recent years, spreading rapidly all over the world. It is a time efficient low-stress, total body workout which is fantastic for weight-loss, as well as keep you fit, toned and help you look better. It is great for your Body, Mind and most anyone can do it, regardless of age, weight, or gender.

Nordic Walking is great for people who are looking for a smart physical Activity with maximum health benefits, combined with fun and convenience. You will also enjoy Nordic Walking if you can no longer take the steady pounding of running or jogging on your joints, but want the same benefits.

Walking with your poles as little as thirty minutes a day, three times a week, can help lower your blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol, and help to relieve back, shoulder and neck pain. After only a few weeks you will notice the difference - more relaxed muscles, better conditioning and better health. Come on, get started today!

What is Nordic Walking

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