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The Motivator Walking Pole

Let's Get Out There!


Introducing the new Motivator Walking Poles

We're pleased to introduce our patented walking poles specifically designed to improve balance and stability and for rehab.  We've created a revolutionary contoured grip that is perfect for walkers, hikers, and those who need a bit more balance. Available in 2-Section and Folding Travel Poles.

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    TOP 8 Reasons to try the Motivator

    1. PATENTED GRIP FOR BALANCE: Our patented grip has an ergonomic grip and two thumb positions.  Position 1 - Thumb on the side gives you a stable hold and balance. Position 2 - Thumb on the top reduces stress on hands and wrists and improves proprioception and stability.
    2. AWESOME DESIGNS: Who needs boring poles? Choose from over 20 cool designs to match your style. Includes hiking poles, detachable rubber feet, snow/sand baskets, and a foldable nylon travel bag. Find the perfect design for women poles or men poles.
    3. PREFERRED BY PHYSICAL THERAPISTS: Trusted by physical therapists for balance improvement. Ideal for Parkinson's patients, stroke recovery, cancer rehab, hip replacement, knee surgery, spinal injuries or anywhere walking is part of your rehab. The unique design relieves joint stress and enhances posture and core muscles.  Takes weight and stress off of knees and joints and can ease the pain of arthritis while walking.
    4. UNIQUE CONTOURED HAND REST: Our palm cradle provides maximum hand support, maintaining a neutral wrist position and reducing strain on wrists and joints. Helps engage core muscles as you walk.
    5. ADJUSTABLE & ERGONOMIC: Easily adjust poles from 32" to 54" using an exclusive flip-lock mechanism (better than twist locks or jarring button locks) that adjust to any height from children to adults up to 6'4" and supports up to 230 lbs.  More solid than any walking stick for seniors.
    6. ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Crafted from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum with tungsten steel tips. More stable and lightweight than carbon fiber. Each pole weighs only 9.5 ounces (11 ounces with optional rubber tip), providing stability while poling on pavement, beaches, trails or urban landscapes.
    7. EXCLUSIVE HEAVY-DUTY TIPS: Our round rubber tips offer superior stability in any terrain. Designed for better support than Nordic or thin tips, ensuring secure support each time you plant the pole.  Perfect for pole walking for seniors.
    8. BEST WARRANTY AROUND:  Experience excellent customer service, an industry best 5-year warranty, and free access to training videos.  

    IS IT THE G.O.A.T. POLE? Add it all up:  Patented grips, contoured hand cradle, light weight, sturdy aluminum, adjustable height, durable round feet, 5 year warranty, and 24+ cool designs!  Great for urban, beach or off-road walking.

    What do you get?  The best walking pole ever.



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