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Combo Six Pack of Replacement Tips- 2 Round for Max Balance, 2 Tapered Med Firm for Max Grip, and 2 Tapered Extra Firm for Max Durability - Fits all standard hiking, walking, and nordic poles - Replacement Feet - Paws - Ferrules - Caps

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6 pack of 3 different styles of rubber replacement tips.

Two tapered rubber tips designed for sport and nordic style walking. These are perfect for nordic walking, street walking, and classic "power walking". These tips are for more active walkers that are walking on flat terrain and not hiking through the woods on variable terrain.

Two round rubber tips are ideal for balance and work well for nordic walking, street walking, beach walking, but especially for hiking or walking on variable terrain. Their shape provides balance and grip as well as cushion and stability for confident walking. Exclusive York Nordic design, these tips fit all major brands of poles including York Nordic, Black Diamond, Leki, Pacemaker, BAFX, and more.

From York Nordic - the leader in trekking pole innovations

  • Great value on two DIFFERENT sets of durable rubber tips - 4 tapered tips for Nordic walking (one set of medium firm and one set of extra firm) and 2 round tips for