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Trailing Away

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Trailing Away

Going outside and enjoying the fresh air is just what we need after a rainy spring.  Similar to exercise routines, our bodies do not want to Nordic Walk the same route each and every day. 

Treat your eyes, body and mind with new trails that can challenge your fitness.  Try a wonderful family day and outing for everyone to explore new places.

There are many different trails that are man made, natural and historic that exist along old railway tracks, paths or roads that get you from point A to B.  Finding a trail that is a gentle grade, easy access and away from road traffic is ideal.  Here are 5 family friendly and fitness enthusiast trails perfect for Nordic Walking.

  1. Lincoln Woods trail in Lincoln, New Hampshire.  This trail stretches 2.9 miles alongside a beautiful river.
  2. Minuteman Bikeway that goes from Cambridge to Bedford, Massachusetts.  This trail is for the Nordic Walking champs who want to conquer the 10.4 miles of trail.
  3. Cape Cod Rail Trail spanning 22 miles from Wellfleet to Dennis, Massachusetts.  Feel like you are on vacation with each step along iconic coastline, salt marshes, cranberry bogs, beautiful landscape and of course ice cream rest stops.
  4. Norwottuck Rail Trail covering 11 miles through Northhampton, Hadley and Amherst, Massachusetts.  This is a paved path on the edge of the Berkshires.
  5. Island Line in Burlington and Lake Champlain Vermont stretching 12 miles.  The soft grade is perfect for Nordic Walkers to enjoy the scenery from the lakeshore.

Bonus # 6:  Make sure to check our blog next week for the trail you do not want to miss!

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