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Featured Trails for Nordic Walking - Upper Midwest

In the past we have featured some favorite places in New England for Nordic walking. With a little help from AI we wanted to share some favorites in the Upper Midwest. The Upper Midwest offers a variety of trails that are well-suited for this activity. Here are some great Nordic walking trails in the region:


  1. Superior Hiking Trail: Stretching over 300 miles along the ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior, this trail offers stunning views and varied terrain.
  2. Minneapolis Chain of Lakes: This system of interconnected lakes includes scenic paths perfect for Nordic walking.
  3. Itasca State Park: Home to the headwaters of the Mississippi River, this park offers several miles of beautiful trails.


  1. Ice Age National Scenic Trail: This trail, which is over 1,000 miles long, winds through diverse landscapes shaped by glaciers.
  2. Devil’s Lake State Park: With its rocky bluffs and serene lake, the park offers several challenging and scenic trails.
  3. Peninsula State Park: Located in Door County, this park has a variety of trails with picturesque views of Green Bay.


  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: This area features miles of trails with spectacular views of Lake Michigan and the dunes.
  2. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park: Known for its rugged beauty, the park offers a network of trails through old-growth forests and along waterfalls.
  3. Isle Royale National Park: Accessible by ferry, this remote island in Lake Superior offers unique and pristine trails for Nordic walking.


  1. Ledges State Park: This park features trails that wind through a scenic canyon and along the Des Moines River.
  2. Pikes Peak State Park: Overlooking the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers, this park offers trails with stunning vistas.
  3. Maquoketa Caves State Park: Known for its caves and rugged terrain, the park has several trails that are perfect for a Nordic walking adventure.

These trails provide a mix of scenic beauty, varied terrain, and the opportunity to experience the natural splendor of the Upper Midwest while enjoying the benefits of Nordic walking. Let's Get Out There!

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