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Top 10 Best Places to Nordic Walk in New England!

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Top 10 Best Places to Nordic Walk in New England!

New England is filled with amazing scenery that windows just don’t do it justice. Grab a friend, put on your sneakers, and of course you’re Nordic Walking Poles, and begin your stride!  To start it is best to practice and become comfortable with the poles as an extension of your arms.  Walking on pavement and asphalt roads is a great starting place.  The flat, predictable surface is perfect for discovering your rhythm and style.

For avid walkers, hikers, athletes and outdoor adventurist, venturing off the paved roads onto the off road dirt trails, mountain hikes, and snow trails will make working out not only fun but challenging!  Some quick tips on how to Nordic Walk:

To start, lean slightly forward as you walk.  With each step plant the opposite pole to push and propel yourself forward.  According to Exercise Physiologist and Certified Nordic Walking Instructor, Martica Heaner, “When you’ve got it, it feels a bit like a ball rolling down a hill and you feel in sync with the poles and your stride.”


Top Scenic Roads in New England you must check out:

10. Route 100, Vermont

9. Southern Vermont Route 7A

8. Dartmouth- Lake Sunapee Region, New Hampshire

7. Kancamagus Scenic Highway, New Hampshire

6. Acadia National Park Loop Road, Maine

5. Route 1, Maine

4. Blackstone River Valley, Rhode Island

3. Historic Route 169, Connecticut

2. Old King’s Highway, Massachusetts

1. Mohawk Trail, Massachusetts

It doesn't matter if you call it nordic walking, ski walking, or fitness walking - just get out there!


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