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Exercise Makes the Brain Learning Ready

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Exercise Makes the Brain Learning Ready

Walk With a Doc founder Dr. David Sabgir recently highlighted the following in his newsletter.

"All of us know that exercise immediately helps our brain, but I didn't know exactly how. Is it all endorphins?

Turns out there's something else, BDNF. We release this Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor in times of exercise. It serves as a protective and a reparative tool to our memory neurons. Almost acting as a reset switch. This, along with endorphins, is what makes us feel so good. They act in a very similar fashion as nicotine, morphine, or heroin. Only one little difference, they are good for us. Check out the picture above."

I encourage you to learn a bit more about Dr. David Sabgir's organization, Walk With a Doc, and encourage your local health care providers to start a chapter!

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