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I’m Done, I’m Exhausted- Why Do I Need to Cool Down?

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I'm Done, I'm Exhausted- Why Do I Need to Cool Down?

As your workout comes to an end your mind is most likely filled with the thought of a cold shower, clean clothes, happiness and collapsing on the living room floor.  Although those are all great ideas, they may not be the most beneficial to your body after vigorous activity.

Just as warming up prior to exercising is important, so is the cool down.  According to the Nordic Walking Magazine, your legs act as “partner-pumps” during Nordic Walking which keep your blood flowing efficiently between your upper and lower body.  When you stop exercise suddenly your muscles have no need to pump this way therefore the blood is slowing its way to the heart. 

If you have ever sprinted to the finish line and then stopped to bend over to catch your breath you may feel light headed or even faint.  If you simply gradually decrease your speed after the finish line you are able to cool your body down and allow the blood and muscles to adjust to your new speed. 

Unlike warming up, your body after cool down is ready to be stretched.  Stretching prior to the exercise is not as beneficial because your muscles are not warmed up.  Gently holding stretches or doing light Pilates with and without the Nordic Poles will help your body cool down and relax into the stretch.

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