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Nordic Walker Spotlight - David Apple

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Nordic Walker Spotlight - David Apple

This letter comes to us from David Apple in Georgia:

I weighed 283 lbs. 5yrs ago and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, this is when I decided to get outside and start walking in the local state parks in the North West Georgia mountains, while doing so I noticed

several fellow hikers with trekking poles and was curious to the benefits. I found most people were using these for balance and the occasional leg up, however I wanted to the most out of my time outdoors, in particular losing weight.

My hiking pole search began… I spent several hours reading reviews and blogs on poles ranging from $139.00 for one pole to the other end of the spectrum at $20.00 for two. I came across the York Nordic website during my quest and found that the price was very reasonable and that you also offered cork grips. I watched your video on How to Nordic Walk and knew that I could apply the same method to a mountain

incline and move towards my goal of losing weight and beat my record of 35 minutes in 1.1 miles at a 675’ elevation. I bought the York Nordic poles and was off to the races, the first time I used the poles I could  push myself up the mountain faster than my lungs could keep up, previously I didn’t need to stop while hiking on my own merit. I beat my record by 3 minutes that day even after stopping a couple of times to take a breather, I was sold! I continued to use the poles every since then whether going for a mild or strenuous hike. My weight has dropped to 221 lbs and my current record to the top of Pine Mountain is 19.5 minutes in 1.1 miles 675’ rise.

I highly recommend the York Nordic poles for any walking, hiking or trekking adventure. I take them whenever I’m out and have included a few pics from some of my favorite hikes.

BTW – I use the free version of the Sports Tracker app on my android phone to track time, distance and elevation, works great, screenshot attached.

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