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Nordic Walking is a Big Draw!

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Nordic Walking is a Big Draw!

Working out by yourself can either be the perfect getaway or a time where your mind is consumed with the day’s events.  Having a workout buddy to be with you throughout your routine keeps your mind active and allows the time to just fly by!  Nordic Walking is great to do with a friend or even join a Nordic Walking group that can increase your motivation to begin any fitness program. 

Whether you are an avid runner that needs to mix up your routine or a senior who just enjoys taking a stroll on a beautiful day, walking is the perfect activity to do for any fitness level.  Using the muscles for walking and the extra cardio will improve your health and energy level to fulfill more activities.   Adding poles to your walking helps individuals with joint problems, knee issues and those that need the extra balance and support throughout their exercise.

Stated in an article by CBS- The Early Show, “Research from the Cooper Institute in Dallas found that a person can burn more than forty percent more calories when Nordic Walking compared to walking without poles.”  Interestingly enough the research shows, “ A person who might burn around three hundred and fifty calories walking for an hour could burn up to five hundred calories using the Nordic Walking technique.  Or they could burn the same amount of calories in a shorter amount of time: Walking for forty minutes without poles is about equivalent in calories to walking twenty five minutes using Nordic Walking Techniques.”

How many calories have you burned today?

Purchase your own pair of Nordic Walking poles and start enjoying the ultimate fitness experience!

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