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Nordic Walking is the Latest Fitness Craze in the U.S.

Nordic Walking News and Updates

Nordic Walking is the Latest Fitness Craze in the U.S.

Nordic Walking is quickly catching people’s attention on the beach, in towns, at the park and even in your neighborhood!  At the local beaches, tourist’s sign up for Nordic Walking courses and tours while locals begin venturing around the block using new poles.  According to a survey by Gallup Finland Ltd. Published in 2000, the number of participants that regularly Nordic Walk has increased by 200,000 people in Finland. 

Spreading quickly throughout Europe it is no wonder why people are excited to share Nordic Walking with friends and family here in the U.S.  As a result of Nordic Walking being fairly new to the United States it is a great conversation starter!  Walking on the beach with Nordic Poles sparks interest and is a perfect ice breaker to meet new people!

Today active singles look for new ways to meet friends and other singles.  Recently, a single female was Nordic Walking on the beach and ran into a group of men that were interested in what she was doing.  With a quick description of Nordic Walking and the shared benefits, the men were ready to grab some poles and join her!

Nordic Walking began with cross country skiers, hikers and outdoor lovers!  Now everyone is catching on to this fitness craze that incurs minimal costs.  All you need is a great pair of walking shoes, comfortable clothes and a set of Nordic Walking Poles.  It sure beats the high cost of gym memberships and ski passes.  As a result of Nordic Walking being for all ages and because it is a low impact routine, it is one of the most social fitness experiences you can have!

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To learn more about what Nordic Walking is visit https://store.yorknordic.com/what-is-nordic-walking

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