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Running: Pro or Con?

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Running: Pro or Con?

Running has always been a part of many people’s cardio workout. Whether training for a marathon, interval sprints or a casual jog, running is how we complete or start our workout. However, did we ever take a minute to stop and justify if this form of exercise was the best for maintaining a healthy body weight, increasing aerobic fitness and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease?

Well, running does achieve all of those healthy goals but the injuries and effect of the consistent impact greatly increases chronic pain and muscle overuse. Many runners have issues concerning their knees, ankles, hips and joints from consistently running. A study conducted by Young-Hoo Kwon, Lori R. Bolt and Jaekun Shim from the Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA, showcased the Mechanics of Pole Running in Subjects with Chronic Knee Problems shows which exercise is better for your overall health.

After conducting a focus group, the data showed that using Nordic Walking poles significantly reduced the knee stress during the swing phase and significantly increased the maximum hypertension of the hip. The force of your foot hitting the pavement is what causes muscle, joint and bone strain. Using poles to propel yourself forward decreases the foot to ground interaction which not only allows you to move faster from the push off but relieve the impact.

Whether you are an athlete or just a casual exerciser, it is important to be safe and decrease your risk of injury. Utilizing poles in your walking routine allows not only more calories burned in a shorter time, but also the stress on your body to be greatly decreased.

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