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Top 100 Trails - Best Trails in North America - How many have you done?

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Top 100 Trails - Best Trails in North America - How many have you done?

Top 100 Trails - Best in North America - How many have you done?

Going outside and enjoying the fresh air is just what we need to make our Summer complete.  Similar to exercise routines, our bodies do not want to walk or hike the same route each and every day. 

Treat your eyes, body and mind with new trails that can challenge your fitness.  Try a wonderful family day and outing for everyone to explore new places.

There are many different trails that are man made, natural and historic that exist along old railway tracks, paths or roads that get you from point A to B.  Finding a trail that is a gentle grade, easy access and away from road traffic is ideal.  Click here for the complete Top 100 Trails by www.Trails.com and below are their top 5 to get you started. Are any of your top picks on this list?

#1. Breakneck Ridge Trail

In Hudson Highlands State Park, this trail makes a rugged ascent from river-level to roll along a knobby ridge, gathering vistas and reaching a lookout. Special Attractions: Hudson river, Shawangunk,…
From the guidebook "Hiking New York"
Beacon, NY - Hiking - 9.6 miles  

#2. Glacier Gorge

In my opinion this is the most beautiful spot in Rocky Mountain National Park. Spectacular scenery, beautiful wildflowers, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful alpine lakes are what you will find on yo…
From the guidebook "Hiking Colorado's Front Range"
Longs Peak, CO - Hiking - 9.6 miles   

#3. Appalachian Trail: The Pinnacle

Walk the Appalachian Trail for spectacular views of Hawk Mountain, the Lehigh Valley, and Blue Rocks. Many Appalachian Trail thru-hikers claim the views at the Pinnacle are the best views on the Penns…
From the guidebook "Hike America: Pennsylvania"
Hamburg, PA - Hiking - 8.7 miles

#4. Mount Whitney

This expedition takes you to the top of the highest peak in the contiguous United States, and to unparalleled views.…
From the guidebook "Hiking Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks"
Lone Pine, CA - Hiking - 22 miles

#5. Conundrum Hot Springs

A secluded collection of pools in a beautiful wilderness location. Essentially undeveloped, wilderness location. Conundrum is one of Colorado’s most exquisite settings, and if you pick your time caref…
From the guidebook "Touring Colorado Hot Springs"
Aspen, CO - Hot Springs - 18 miles  

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