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Top 5 benefits of Staying fit during the cold season

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Top 5 benefits of Staying fit during the cold season

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

If you are like many people you probably packed away your exercise clothing with your bikini and Bermuda shorts.  Cold weather has a tendency to make even the most motivated exerciser dread leaving their home to run on a treadmill or do laps around the mall.

 Instead of retreating indoors light your motivation and spark your interest with the latest fitness trend that will leave you feeling healthy, energetic and fit.

Meet Nordic Walking!  Nordic Walking is simply walking with poles; think of cross country skiing without the skis.  Perfect for any fitness level, Nordic Walking adapts to the individual and environment while delivering faster and more effective fitness results.  You are able to work out in virtually any environment: snow, ice, dirt, paved roads, mountains, rocky terrain and sand.

To help you stay motivated and fit, here are the Top 5 Reasons you need to step off the treadmill  strap on a pair of Nordic Walking Poles.

  1. Burn over five hundred calories per hour without putting unnecessary impact on your joints, knees, hips and feet.
  2. Gain a leaner more sculpted body by using your arms, chest, shoulders, abs, legs and butt to push you forward with the poles into a faster pace.
  3. Strengthen and improve your cardiovascular system, heart and intensity to lose weight.
  4. Breathing in fresh air while getting your blood pumping releases endorphins which act as a natural high.
  5. Improve your memory! Walking three times a week for one year can increase the size of your hippocampus (part of your brain that is key to your memory).

To see where you can experience Nordic Walking and reap the health benefits, visit https://store.yorknordic.com/what-is-nordic-walking

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