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What’s all the Hype on Nordic Walking?

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What’s all the Hype on Nordic Walking?

Fitness classes have grown more popular than individual workouts.  The main draw to working out in a group or class is the added motivation.

If you know you have a step class at 8am on Saturday, you set the alarm so that you are up and ready to go.  However, if you work out by yourself, it is much more tempting to press the snooze button several times since no one is waiting for you at the gym!

Having a workout buddy or class pushes you to do that extra set of squats, run the extra mile or sprint to the finish line.  Although Nordic Walking is great for individuals to work out on their own and take in the beauties of nature and cardio benefits, it is much easier to stay motivated and committed to the new fitness routine with walking buddies and group classes.  The support you will receive from a Certified Nordic Walking instructor, who will guide you on perfecting your form, will help you get the most health benefits from Nordic Walking.

Recently, Fitness Magazine published a Nordic Walking Guide by Karen Asp, who states the benefits of joining the Nordic Walking trend.

  1. You can burn over five hundred calories per hour- similar to running but much less impact on your joints, knees, hips and feet.
  2. Gain a leaner more sculpted upper body by using your arms, chest, shoulders and back to push off with the poles.
  3. The faster you propel yourself with Nordic Walking the more sculpted your abs, legs and butt become.  The cardio benefit of walking will strengthen your heart and increase your intensity to lose weight.

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