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5 Steps to a Perfectly Packed Suitcase

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5 Steps to a Perfectly Packed Suitcase

How often you travel might increase if it were less stressful and it would be less stressful if you were a certified packing ninja. So, we searched for a distilled list of the fastest way to ensure you have a perfectly packed suitcase. Beth Braverman writes in Consumer Reports about the "5 Steps to a Perfectly Packed Suitcase" and boils it down to taking less with you and packing efficiently. Here are Beth Braverman's five steps to get that done. Click here to read her full blog post.

    1. MAKE A LIST:  Make a strategic list of what you need, not what you might need
    2. PARE DOWN YOUR LIST - Use the 3:1 ratio for tops to bottoms and use travel size cosmetics
    3. PACK IN THE RIGHT ORDER - Heavy items near the wheels so your suitcase doesn't flip over, roll your wrinkle free items, lay wrinkle prone items in a bag across the top
    4. USE ALL AVAILABLE SPACE - Flatten scarves/belts around the perimeter, roll socks/undies in a plastic bag or stuff in the openings, pack shoes toe to heel and fill them with sunglasses, use compression bags for daily outfit to gain space and make items easier to find... see our special below for 3 FREE travel bags
    5. THINK OUTSIDE THE BAG - wear your biggest and bulkiest items on the plane. (my parents once made us wear our lifejackets on the plane, everyone wondered if we knew something, not recommended in this day and age). Put your purse in a tote to increase your total under the seat carry on space.

I am definitely going to be a packing ninja on my next trip and we hope you will be too. We expect that your bag will include a set of our York Nordic folding walking poles to ensure you have extra balance and support on your travels.

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