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Veterans Improve Quality of Life Through Nordic Walking and Hiking

Nordic Walking News and Updates

Veterans Improve Quality of Life Through Nordic Walking and Hiking

Veterans Improve Quality of Life Through Walking
Whether it is a program like "Walking Off Their Wars" where combat veterans through-hike the Applaachian Trail (see linked pic above) or walking clinics offered by the VHA (see below), we know that walking helps veterans and all people to be healthier and happier. Take a deep breath, even buy a pair of York Nordic's Go USA walking poles, and get out there and walk more... you might just improve your quality of life or inspire someone else to.

Development and implementation of a geriatric walking clinic improves the overall quality of life of older veterans living in a rural areas. The program  enabled veterans to participate in a patient-centric, home-based walking program.  The program was comprehensive in its structure to assess, educate, motivate, and activate older veterans to commit to, engage in, and adhere to, a long-term program of regular physical activity primarily in the form of walking. The program used proven strategies, such as:

  • Motivational counseling
  • Follow-up phone calls from a nurse
  • Self-monitoring using pedometers
Funding for the GWC project was provided by the VHA Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care as part of its Transition to the 21st Century (T21) initiative and by the VHA Office of Rural Health. We'd like to congratulate the VHA for developing, implementing, and measuring the benefits of in-home programs to get veterans excited about the benefits of walking. 

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