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6 Reasons to Exercise in the Cold - Now, get out there!

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6 Reasons to Exercise in the Cold - Now, get out there!

No need to hibernate this time of the year, get on out there and enjoy these 6 motivating reasons.

  1. IMPROVE YOUR RESILIENCY:  the more we expose ourselves to it – within reason and with appropriate scaling – the more adaptable and resilient we become to it and as humans. Exercise strengthens your immune system as your blood pumps the immune cells through your body. Fresh air is cleaner than being inside with recycled air.
  2. WARD OF SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD):  Get outside as often as possible for your much-needed SAD suppressor, vitamin D. Vigorous movement on top of this will add a nice endorphin kick into the mix to left your mood and help you smile more. Getting outside for a sweat can help you get in the recommended 1,000 to 2,000s IUs of vitamin D recommended each day
  3. EARN THE EXCUSE TO GET COZY REST OF THE DAY:  After a brisk workout outside, you've earned your cozy time in front of the fire with your favorite book or your warm tub with some salts.
  4. SAVE YOUR SPINE:  Spine and hips suffer the most from the seated posture, save your spine and get out there
  5. GET IN TOUCH WITH NATURE:  Heightened awareness and connection to nature has significant psycho-physical benefits, which are all more important during the winter months.
  6. AMP UP THE CALORIE BURN:  Research shows that an hour of cross country skiing or snow shoeing will burn almost 600 calories, it takes your body more energy to stabalize your core temp. Now you've just earned that cafe mocha. The average person puts on almost 8 pounds during the Winter months and being in the cold just might make you move it move it a bit faster than usual.
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