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Nordic Walking News and Updates

February is American Hearth Month

February is American Hearth Month, a time when all people are encouraged to focus on their cardiovascular health. At York Nordic, we likewise encourage that focus and hope our readers and supporters use it as an opportunity to evaluate the role of walking in their cardio health. A consistent walking routine can significantly contribute to heart health. Regular walking offers several cardiovascular benefits that can help reduce the risk of heart disease and improve overall cardiovascular well-being.

Here are some ways in which walking can positively impact heart health:

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness: Walking is a moderate aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate and promotes cardiovascular fitness. This, in turn, strengthens the heart muscle and improves its efficiency in pumping blood.

Lower Blood Pressure: Regular walking has been shown to help lower blood pressure. It can be an effective lifestyle intervention for individuals with hypertension or those at risk of developing high blood pressure.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease: Engaging in regular physical activity, including walking, is associated with a lower risk of developing heart disease. It can contribute to the prevention of conditions such as coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis.

Pole walking, Nordic walking or just plain walking…Let’s Get Out There!

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