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Childhood Diabetes and you. How Nordic Walking can change your odds.

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Childhood Diabetes and you. How Nordic Walking can change your odds.

Childhood is a time when play dates and recess fill our appointment books and Oreo’s with milk was part of the food pyramid.  Today with video games and electronics, physical activity is not always part of a child’s daily routine.  As a result, diabetes has become one of the most common diseases in youths. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, just in the last two decades, Type 2 diabetes has increased significantly due to the growing obesity epidemic.  Diabetes is a disease where your body is unable to regulate blood sugars which cause them to get too high.  This results in your body not producing insulin which is a needed protein to help pull sugar out of your blood. 

In order to prevent Type 2 Diabetes there are simple lifestyle changes that can last a lifetime for your children.

1)      Incorporate physical activity every day.  The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorders, states that maintaining a constant weight achieved through physical activity, can greatly help with preventing Type 2 diabetes.  Simple solutions would be as easy as participating in sports and walking regularly.  Using Nordic Walking Poles will increase your calorie burn in less time.

2)      Healthy eating habits are the key to maintaining a healthy body weight.  At home it is easy to stock the refrigerator with healthy alternatives to cookies, snack and beverages, but at school the influences of friends and vending machines may prevail.  Teaching healthy eating every day will resonate with your children and become part of their lives in and out of your home.

3)      Drink healthier by replacing whole milk with non-fat milk with meals.  Eliminating soda, sports drinks, fruit juices, and beverages with added sugars.  Spice up plain water with fruit slices, tea bags or carbonated water.

Our children’s health depends on our ability to teach, show and provide a healthy example.  Make the lifestyle change together with family exercise and healthy dinners. 

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