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Connect Your Mind & Body as One for Success!

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Connect Your Mind & Body as One for Success!

Fitness activities such as yoga train you to become aware of your body movements and mindfulness during each activity.  Proprioception and Kinesthetic awareness is exactly what understanding your body movements influence has on the communication between both your body and mind.

Nordic Walking Magazine breaks down these large terms into simple knowledge for the athlete.  Proprioception is an automatic sensitivity mechanism within your body that shares messages throughout the central nervous system.  In turn your central nervous system takes that information and spreads it throughout your body in order to decide how to react and the amount of tension needed.  Kinesthetic is the sense of your entire body.  Your body automatically adjusts your weight to support your center of gravity.  Training yourself to be aware of this allows you to build stronger coordination, balance and strengthen efficient physical action. 

Our bodies have movement intelligence which is in essence remembering the effort necessary to achieve physical activity.  For example, if you lift a full grocery bag ten times and then begin to lift a half empty grocery bag your muscles automatically use more effort than necessary to lift the second bag.  Your muscles remembered the tension and strength needed for the heavy bag that it utilized that message to tell the body to lift the second bag with the same effort.

Begin connecting your body and mind in every physical activity that you participate in and watch the difference in you performance! 

Share with us what you did to connect today! 

Learn more about what Nordic Walking is at http://yorknordic.com/page/what-is-nordic-walking

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