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Exploring Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking News and Updates

Exploring Nordic Walking

Welcome to York Nordic Walking!  You may not realize how important incorporating walking into your daily workout routine is for your health.  With the colder months now behind us, we have no excuse to not enjoy the outdoors.  The thought of running on a treadmill or going to the gym may make many of us long for the couch.  Simply stepping outside to walk around the block is actually a great motivator to jump start any workout routine and health regimen.

Nordic Walking is simply walking with poles!  According to CBS- The Early Show, Nordic Walking originated in Finland and quickly spread throughout Europe and became exceptionally popular in Sweden, Norway and Germany.  Exercise physiologist and certified Nordic Walking instructor,

Martica Heaner, states that Nordic Walking was not introduced to the U.S until 2004.

It is actually completely normal to see the streets filled with walkers and poles throughout Finland!  The best way to explain what Nordic Walking really is, would be to visualize cross country skiing- now completely forget about the skis and that is what Nordic Walking looks like and actually stemmed from.   A group of Cross Country skiers developed Nordic Walking when they were trying to train during the skiing off season.   Little did they know that this would be a contagious fitness trend.

How does adding poles to your walking routine increase fitness benefits?   Using special Nordic poles actually propels the body with more intense power than walking without poles.  The poles are an extension of your arms so they help balance, support and push you faster and further into your walking gait.   

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