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Can Nordic Walking Help with Your Arthritis?

Any kind of walking is considered great exercise because of its benefits for one’s flexibility, strengthening and cardiovascular health.  That said, arthritis can certainly get in the way of a comfortable walk.  Because Nordic walking is a low impact exercise that puts less load on the joints and increases muscle strength, it may be an ideal option for those with arthritis.

Studies have shown that exercising 30 minutes a day each can show a drastic difference in our ability to walk around the block, pick up items off the floor, get off the couch and most importantly prolong the effects of aging.  Arthritic pain can get in the way of any motivation to walk or do other exercise but we have found that the lower impact of Nordic walking and the aid of walking poles helps many of our users to have improved walking experiences and maintain their motivation.  “Healthline” has shared studies that show improvements in range of motion and reduction of perceived pain by Nordic walking. (Nordic Walking: Benefits, Affects on Arthritis Pain, and How-To (healthline.com)

While every person is different, particularly those suffering with osteoarthritis, we feel it is worthwhile to try Nordic walking for exercise as well as the emotional release that comes with physical activity.  Let's Get Out There!

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