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Get the Most out of Your Workout Today!

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Get the Most out of Your Workout Today!

Working out can seem extremely routine: wake up early, get dressed, go to the gym, hop on the treadmill for forty five minutes, work out key muscle groups for another forty five minutes, go home, shower and begin the day.  If you are like most people this daily routine consumes your time.  Wouldn’t it be a gift to have a productive higher calorie burning workout in less time?

I am going to assume that the majority of our readers are nodding there head yes!   Who wouldn’t want to burn calories in less time and have a change in workout routine?   Nordic Walking uses both your upper and lower body while building muscle strength and endurance.  Partner that with an intensity high cardio and watch the calories melt away!  The major drawback of working out in a gym is the limited atmosphere that keeps our minds occupied while we sweat and pant through our routines.  New England is known for the amazing outdoor sights: mountains, foliage, spring time flowers, oceans and scenic roads such at Rt 100.

According to a study at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, the benefit of Nordic Walking is at least a twenty percent increase in energy expended over power walking.  Nordic Walking has become popular among both seniors and young athletes because it alleviates muscle strain and it supports a balanced posture.  Jay Willey, a trainer at the Paul Derda Center states, “I’ve had people from age fifteen to eighty-seven,” he says. “All of them have had a ball!”

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