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Raise your arms to breast cancer survivors with Nordic Walking!

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Raise your arms to breast cancer survivors with Nordic Walking!

All women celebrate winning the fight of their lives to breast cancer each October.  However, breast cancer treatment often results in impaired shoulder function that affects the lack of muscle endurance and range of motion.  This can greatly alter a person’s life and how they perform daily activities, from the simple ability to reach the top cabinet shelf to shaving.  Therefore, a study was conducted to see how the use of Nordic Walking Poles helped to increase shoulder function in female breast cancer survivors.  Not only is exercising important to physical rehabilitation, but mentally it can decrease psychological distress, enhance mood, improve body image, and improve the overall outlook on life. 

Breast cancer survivors were split into two groups where each completed twenty minutes of cardio per day for eight weeks.  The upper body muscle endurance significantly improved on those that used Nordic Walking Poles verse those that did not use any poles. 

“Walking with walking poles elicited a greater cardiorespiratory overload, but did not increase a person’s perception of greater physiological exertion.”

Our quality of life is what makes us fight when it is in jeopardy of being taken away.  Surgery is many times not the ideal and often the last option.  Utilizing Nordic Walking Poles as an easy, affordable and fun alternative to gaining your stability, mobility and endurance is a necessity for rehabilitation.

The simple things in life we take for granted, getting the box of cereal down from the top shelf of the pantry, putting dishes away, washing our hair and lifting our children. But for many this needs the assistance from others. Begin rebuilding your life and working towards achieving your independence and dreams.  You deserve it!


Consider buying a set of our ‘Pink’ Nordic Walking poles and we’ll donate a $10 gas card in your name to www.MyBreastCancerSupport.org to help breast cancer patients in Kittery, Wells, York, Portsmouth, and throughout the Seacoast of New Hampshire & Maine get to their often daily treatments. Start gaining your range of motion and strength back today! 

See the full article at Breast Cancer Success Story – York Nordic

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