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Top Nordic Walking Poles

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Top Nordic Walking Poles

The main benefit of Nordic Walking is alleviating stress on your joints and burning more calories with the same amount of exertion as regular walking.  The Nordic Walking Poles will provide you with stability and basic function for Nordic Walking.  But which are best to improve your technique, strengthen your stride, add confidence to your stability and make the most of your workout?

Our new Fitness Walking Series poles are designed with innovation based on research and proper design.  Nordic Walking is a perfect exercise because it can be taken with you wherever you go.  Purchasing poles that have a two piece adjustable high grade aluminum design assures that your poles will compact and fit into your gym bag or luggage. When walking outside you may have slippery hands from sunscreen so owning poles that require no twisting in order to change the length will be essential. With easy lock snaps, you can fit your poles to the correct height. 

Top Nordic Walking Poles

Your hands must be comfortable since they are holding onto the poles for the entire duration of your walk.  With cushioned sport grip handles, your hands feel natural so you are able to focus on your form instead of your grip.  One of the main benefits people have found with these poles is the ability to quickly ‘snap out’ of your poles.  If you are a walker that carries a phone, tissues or just needs a quick drink of water, these innovative straps allow you to quickly detach from the poles and free your hands.  When your hands are connected to the poles, both the sport grip handle and the sport glove style hand strap allows your hand to comfortably be one with the pole.

Nordic Walking can be taken anywhere from rough terrain to flat surfaces.  So having detachable rubber feet for street walking, solid tungsten steel tips for trail, beach or grass walking, or easy to screw on ‘basket’ for snow and sand walking will make your poles adaptable to the environment.  To see which poles feature all of these great and necessary Nordic Pole Functions with a five year warrant visit http://yorknordic.com/page/special-offer.

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