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4 Top Ways to Reduce Stress

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4 Top Ways to Reduce Stress

 How is stress involved in your daily routine?  The errands continue to pile up, the kids are out of school, career responsibilities and family time are all amongst our everyday juggling act! Managing stress is not only a necessary part of balancing your life but your mind and health as well.  Relieving your stress leads to a stronger immune system, balanced lifestyle, clearer mind and happier life. 

According to online article Stress Management http://www.helpguide.org/, the top four ways to relax and recharge which are also the top benefits of Nordic Walking! 

The top four solutions are

1. Going for a walk

2. Spending time in nature

3. Talking with a good friend

4. Sweating out tension with a good workout!

 Incorporating Nordic Walking improves your mental health by releasing tension caused by stress, reconnecting your body, mind and soul all while burning up to forty percent more calories than regular walking.  As a result of poor posture, many people have neck and shoulder side effects that make finding a fitness regimen that relieves tension, pain, lack of energy and overall discomfort almost impossible.  Nordic Walking is perfect to partner strong cardio fitness, muscle strength and of course relief of muscle tension in your neck and shoulders. 

 The Finnish Helsinki Polytechnic’s Faculty of Health Care studied women with neck and shoulder pain.  The conducted study showed a decrease in neck and shoulder symptoms in more than half the participants along with an increase in mobility of the spine.   In addition to the physical benefits of Nordic Walking it also relieves muscle tension and emotional stress.  Whether you prefer to relax by yourself or enjoy connecting with groups and friends, Nordic Walking is just what the doctor prescribed.

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