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Don’t Let the Snow Stop You - Find an Indoor Walking Track

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Don't Let the Snow Stop You - Find an Indoor Walking Track

We got hit with some snow and rain today so we decided to hit a local indoor walking track. What a great way to get in a walk despite the weather. 

Benefits of Indoor Tracks

  • Fit Right In: You can walk, Nordic Walk, or run without feeling awkward at the mall and there is no need to dodge strollers or people so it is safe. 
  • Climate Control: It rarely rains or snows indoors.
  • Closed Course: You won't get slowed down by people or traffic. You can actually measure the number of laps it takes to walk a mile but keep in mind that the inner and outer lanes will equal different distances. You can listen to music without worrying about getting hit by a car and if there is a court below you'll have fun watching the action below. 
  • Changing Scenery: The view on the treadmill never changes. When you walk inside you can chat easily with others and take a peak outside or down below if there is a sport court. 
  • Mileage Count: Fire up your favorite app like MapMyRun to monitor your distance, rate and calories burned.
  • Perfect Surface: I love walking on the beach more than anything but an indoor track does often offer a cushioned surface which is kind to the joints. Add some Nordic Poles and your joints will love you for being so kind. The street and the malls can be tough on your back, hips, and knees.
  • Safe Walking: If you are afraid of dogs or don't like walking at night, an indoor track offers a very safe walking environment night or day. If you have balance concerns, you can't beat the perfectly even surfaces. 
  • Restrooms, Water and Showers: Most indoor track facilities also offer bathrooms and even other fitness options to integrate into your normal routine.

If you live in the York, Maine area there are two great options for indoor walking and each one is free. One is the Newington Mall which opens at 8am for foot traffic prior to the stores opening. A second option is the Kittery Community Center which has a fabulous indoor walking track (location details below). 

So if the Winter blues are setting in early, commit to hitting an indoor option... you'll get some great exercise and meet some other walkers like you!

Kittery Community Center (The Old Frisbee School)

I-95 S – Take Exit 2 to merge onto ME-236 S – Enter the traffic circle, take the 4th exit by Bagel Caboose

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