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Embrace each yawn- for exercise sake!

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Embrace each yawn- for exercise sake!

Yawning is usually associated with late nights, early mornings and pure boredom.  Many of you may be able to remember a teacher or parent scolding you when you let out a yawn during a presentation or event, but today we are going to encourage it!

Reading through Competitor Magazine, we came across an entire article on incorporating yawning into your exercise routine.  If you have ever watched the Olympics or a sporting event you may notice that many athletes actually yawn prior to starting a race or exercise.  Little do we know as we sit on our couch that there is a medical reason to yawning prior to sprinting past the starting line. 

According to the article in the Competitor Magazines August 2011 issue, experts suggest that yawning prior to exercise not only regulates body temperature and metabolism of the brain, but it stimulates a particular part of the brain. The precuneus is a structure in the brain that affects consciousness and attentional focus which is stimulated through yawning..

As research supports and athletes prove, Nordic Walkers should test out yawning prior to walking to help make them more relaxed, alert and ready to walk.

Have you tried yawning before Nordic Walking?

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