How To Walk Like a Goddess

The act of walking is much more than just moving from one place to another. Walking conveys many messages  to the beholder and it means a lot more than just Eco-friendly travel. The right posture and manner of walking is a means to convey confidence, purposefulness and the readiness to take up challenges. It is therefore very necessary to walk in a manner befitting a Goddess.

The below mentioned guidelines can add more grace, beauty and balance to your walk.

Be Positive:
Any feeling of depression, low self esteem or any negative feeling can alter the walking style. Conversely, a happy and confident woman will exhibit better and more attractive manner of walking. Therefore maintaining a healthy state of mind is an important and the first step to have a great walking style.

Position Your Head:
Maintaining a good position of the head is very important. The head needs to be aligned to a straight spine and you should be looking around 3 meters ahead. The focus of the eyes can be on the ground just ahead but the head should be positioned to look approximately 3 meters ahead.

Balance Your Body:
For your walk to look graceful and attractive, the body balance needs to be perfect always. An imbalanced body can never produce a graceful walk. For good body balance, it is important to walk at a comfortable pace; neither too fast nor too slow. Each step should be felt completely and the next step should be taken thereafter.

Point Feet Forward:
Any restriction of the leg movement can make your walk look common and even funny. Jerky movements should be avoided and the feet should point forward rather than outwards. Forward pointing feet provide more balance to the body and portray a finely aligned posture which imparts smartness to the body.

Stride While Striking the Heel:
While putting a step down, make good use of the heel for a more assured landing. While in a stride, allow the hands unimpeded movement. However don't overdo the movement of the hand as it can make you look awkward.

Shoulders Back:
The shoulders should have be placed back to make the chest come forward and this posture should be aligned with fully extended curvature of the lower back.

Following these simple steps can indeed make your walk gracious and Goddess like. Add some Nordic Poles to the picture and you'll be burning 40% more calories!

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