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Parkinson’s Patients Benefit from Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking News and Updates

Parkinson's Patients Benefit from Nordic Walking

Have Parkinson's? Don't give up on the walking and hiking you love! Treat yourself to a pair of folding walking poles that fit in your overhead travel bag and go to Europe or somewhere else on your list, enjoy your trip with the balance and stability that walking poles can provide. 

Parkinson Alberta offers the great info and video below on the benefits of using walking poles... check it out.

At Parkinson Alberta we know of the benefits of staying active and getting exercise. Walking with poles is another physical activity that is safe, fun and effective for those living with Parkinson’s. Many of our clients who have utilized walking poles report back that the poles help them improve their posture, arm swing, gait, stride length, balance and stability. Those using the poles also feel that they have increased independence and confidence. In addition to this video testimonial, our clients also had the following to say about walking with poles... - Posture: ‘Using poles helps to correct my posture and allows me to walk with my head straight up and not having to look down.’ - Arm Swing: ‘My left arm was immoveable but with my poles my arm is forced to swing.’ - Gait: ‘I lift my feet more and have longer strides’ - Stability: ‘I feel confident and safe using the poles. I feel comfortable – like an animal with 4 paws!’ Summer is a great time to get outdoors and use the poles. Most recreation centres also invite you to bring the poles to their walking tracks. Many care partners are also feeling the benefits of using the poles and find it to be an enjoyable activity to do together. To find out more about the benefits of walking poles for people with Parkinson's please contact one of our Client Services Coordinators by calling toll-free 1-800-561-1911 or visiting our website at www.parkinsonalberta.ca

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