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The Beauty of Aging

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The Beauty of Aging

With every passing birthday we are gifted with mixed emotions of happiness for another year and the anxiety of our mental health aging.  A common misconception is that our minds begin to deteriorate as each new year we blow out another candle.  Hold off hiding the candles, because experts are showing how our brain health can be influenced throughout each stage of our life. 

“Chronological age has no validity. Your brain doesn’t care how old you are; it just wants to be stimulated and shaped.”

Four keys to retaining a beautiful mind,

  1. Get moving with physical activity.  Engaging in Nordic Walking for thirty minutes each day will promote new brain cells and new connections to form.
  2. Sustain your body and mind by providing vital minerals and vitamins such as DHA which promotes brain health.
  3. Try new things each day.  Push yourself to learn new activities that stimulate your mind such as Nordic Walking, reading, creating art and learning new areas of your community.
  4. Be social!  Staying socially connected with your friends, family and new faces will help you feel like you are part of something, which you are!

Embrace each newly lit candle and blow it out with a big breath as you embark on another journey filled with learning, Nordic Walking and family.

What key do you use to keep your brain beautiful?

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