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The No Excuse Way to Staying Fit During the Cold Season

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The No Excuse Way to Staying Fit During the Cold Season

Brrrr is that a frost I feel? 

With summer sadly behind us and the winter season creeping in, it is easy to become a hermit.  Show winter who’s boss and leave the hibernation to the bears with easy tips to staying fit this cold season.

Winter forces us to exercise inside but visiting the gym everyday can drag your exercise motivation downhill.  Spark your energy, fuel your interest and burn more calories with fresh air and Nordic Walking Poles. 

Simply being outside in nature helps to reduce stress, improve your self esteem, build confidence, increase your sense of adventure and creativity all while reconnecting you with your mind and body.

Why Nordic Walking instead of regular walking? It’s easy, unlike standard walking adding Nordic Walking Poles to your workout propels the body into a faster pace which results in a twenty percent increase in energy expended over power walking.  Nordic Walking is perfect for social workouts and exploring virtually any terrain; flat, paved, dirt, rocks, sand, snow and even ice.  With limited time in the day and fewer daylight hours that comes with the colder season, it is important to make the most of your workout.

So you be the judge this winter: continue going to your indoor gym with limited fresh air and the same surroundings or break out of hibernation and experience the natural high of fresh air while burning forty percent more calories an hour with Nordic Walking.

What are you going to choose?

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