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The Why Behind Exercise Warm Up!

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The Why Behind Exercise Warm Up!

When we finally feel that sense of motivation to exercise, we usually jump right into it before it is gone.  However, holding back our eagerness to walk, jog, dance and anything else you can think of until after you warm up will prove much more beneficial. 

Exercising affects your muscles and cardiovascular system.  Stated in the Nordic Walking Magazine, the skeletal muscles at rest only receive around fifteen percent of the total blood flow.  This is unlike the major organs such as your intestines, liver and brain which receive the rest of the blood flow.  When you exercise your body switches and provides around eighty percent of the total blood flow to the muscles.

According to Nordic Walking Magazine, participating in a warm up prior to strenuous exercise is an important precautionary step that can prevent potentially dangerous cardiac abnormalities.  Warming up for five minutes is plenty of time for the body to switch blood flow from the major organs to the skeletal muscles, lungs, skin and heart.  In addition to allowing your body time to work out you are also drastically decreasing the risk of injury because your skeletal muscles become more pliable.

Stated in Nordic Walking magazine is a great example of a Nordic Walking warm up which begins with a five minute walk without using the Nordic walking poles, which can just be held horizontally behind you.  The benefit of warming up without poles is the ability to focus on how your foot is rolling off the pavement, straightening your posture and perfecting your walking technique.  Once you feel your body is ready to begin, gradually increase your walking pace and incorporate the poles into the routine.  Before you know it your Nordic Walking Exercise has begun!

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