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What’s on your Top Walking Play List?

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What's on your Top Walking Play List?

There is something very motivating about lacing your sneakers, grabbing your Nordic Walking poles and plugging in your headphones to music that makes you want to kick up your heels and go.  Music is a great stimulator for exercising or relaxing and when paired correctly creates a perfect fitness playlist.  Helping set your pace is based on your music choice. While a slow music beat is perfect for a cool down, a quick beat music will encourage you to speed up your walking stride.  Don’t believe me? Here is an experiment: Try walking to country music one day and then the next day play pop music.  Which one did you prefer and what was the difference in your strides?

According to author Wendy Bumgardner in her article http://walking.about.com/od/music/a/musicmix.htm, A good walking beat per minute is from 115 to 120.  Increase your motivation, pace and fun by lining up music that starts with a slow beat which allows you to gradually work up to a faster beat when you are in a full Nordic Walking stride.  Conclude with a slower beat for cool downs, which will help to relax your muscles after an upbeat walk.  Many times when you are listening to music you cannot help but move your feet to the beat or start dancing.  What a great way to push yourself in your walk.

So what should be on your playlist? Everyone’s playlist will be different since it depends on your personal likes and taste in music.  Stated in the online article from Family Circle, “Listening to music while walking boosts your energy, endurance, and motivation, says David-Lee Priest, PhD, a researcher at Brunel University, West London, who specializes in the psychological effects of music in exercise.”

What’s on your playlist?

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