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New Line of Shorter Length Walking Poles for People 5 ft 4 in and Shorter

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New Line of Shorter Length Walking Poles for People 5 ft 4 in and Shorter

October, 2015 – York, ME – York Nordic, a New England based fitness manufacturer, has just released its new “Shorter Length” line of Traveler Trek Folding walking and hiking poles. The two-piece poles fold up to just 15 inches for travelling, adjust from 33 to 43 inches in height (85 to 110 cm), and weigh just 7 ounces each (8 ounces with the rubber feet) . They also come with their own Velcro strap and carrying case.

Studies have shown that Nordic walking is one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts available, because it works all major muscle groups in the body and burns 40% more calories than walking alone. The low impact nature of the exercise makes it ideal for people of all ages, weights, and physical conditions. These new poles make the workout more comfortable for shorter people, who previously had to struggle with poles that were too long for them.

According to Lauren DeLong, founder of York Nordic, “my passion for Nordic walking began when my mother had hip replacement surgery and the surgeon recommended Nordic walking.” She added, “I’m proud that this new folding pole design makes Nordic walking accessible for a wider range of people looking to travel with their walking poles.” 

The poles are available immediately at major retailers and online stores including Bonanza (www.bonaza.com), Amazon, (www.amazon.com/York-Nordic), and directly from York Nordic (http://store.yorknordic.com/York-Nordic-Shorter-Traveler-Folding/dp...).

About York Nordic

Headquartered in the New England seacoast region, York Nordic combines world class sports engineering with unique pole artwork created by local artists. All of our products are designed in the US with final assembly in Portsmouth, NH.

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