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Burn More Calories in Less Time!

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Burn More Calories in Less Time!

With so many gimmicks and quick weight loss products, it is hard to believe any new fitness program that promises faster results in less time.

Well, this is not a quick fix or a weight loss pill- I promise!  All you need are sneakers, a pair of Nordic Walking Poles and a great love for outdoors and open trails!

According to article, Walk on: Nordic Walking Amps up the Energy Expenditure, written by Cindy Cutter, Camera Staff Writer, “The more muscle mass you use (in any exercise), the more oxygen you consume and calories you expend.  When you use sticks, you get your arms and shoulders and neck into your walking.  The more vigorously you pole, the more calories you use.” 

With any workout routine the key to losing weight and burning more calories is increasing the intensity of whichever activity you are doing.  Whether running, lifting, dancing, swimming and even Nordic Walking, push yourself to do that extra mile, that extra stride or even losing a few minutes off your best time!

With the warmer months approaching, incorporating a fitness program that involves the beautiful fresh air and a great cardio seems perfect for any age group.  Families looking to put the board games away and begin weekend activities together are enjoying not only the health benefits of Nordic Walking, but the fun experience of learning the new sport as a family and group.  Nordic Walking takes practice.  Starting this as a family health routine is a great way to support each other in learning how to gain the fullest amount of health benefits from Nordic Walking.

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