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Exercise in the least likely places with Nordic Walking!

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Exercise in the least likely places with Nordic Walking!

Each day our appointment books are filled and the thought of squeezing in a thirty minute walk seems impossible.  With all of the fitness information available, it comes as no surprise the confusion in what actually needs to be done in order to stay mentally and physically fit.  Starting slowly with a fitness routine that has less intensity will help you create physical activities that fit your body and ability.

Incorporating fitness and physical activity into your daily life is much simpler than waking up at 5am to go the gym or getting home at 9pm after an intense aerobic class.  We challenge you to do at least one of these exercises per day and let us know if you feel a difference in your physical activity. 

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and if possible skip ever other stair on the way up for the extra muscle strength
  2. Leave the shopping cart in the store and carry your grocery bags to your car.  The act of lifting and holding the bags is similar to curls with a dumbbell
  3. During commercial breaks do jumping jacks or sit-ups- see who can do the most before the show is back on
  4. Park your car and walk to your mailbox instead of driving up to it
  5. Clean, clean, clean! Clean your entire home, yard, car anything to get you moving, sweeping, vacuuming, polishing, lifting and walking all around the area.
  6. Start shopping early! Bring your Nordic Walking poles to the mall and walk for 30 min before the stores even open

What daily activity did you change in order to make it a physical activity?

Check out https://store.yorknordic.com/how-to-nordic-walk to learn how this easy, fun and convenient physical activity can change your health.

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