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Pro Active = Long Active

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Pro Active = Long Active

Let's celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month by being proactive for preventing breast cancer and also surviving breast cancer, with easy tips to be proactive with our breast health.  Shifting the way we think from being inactive to proactive will empower women and men everywhere. 

According to ABC News http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=116923&page=1, nearly 30 studies show data on women who exercise 3 or more hours a week at moderate to vigorous levels, significantly reduce their risk of breast cancer by 30% to 40%.  Simply changing your lifestyle and strapping on a pair of Nordic Walking Poles can prove to be more beneficial than just weight loss.

Improving your fitness health is only part of the reason for decreased breast cancer risk; the other is the ability to reduce the levels of estrogen, testosterone and insulin which also may be a cause of breast cancer.  Exercising regularly actually reduces these hormone levels.

Stated in the online article from ABC News, overweight breast cancer patients have a poorer survival rate than lighter weight women.  Whether you are exercising to prevent breast cancer or using it to aid in the recovery process, Nordic Walking may be your yellow brick road.

Start being Pro-Active today by purchasing our Nordic Walking Poles. Here is a look at one of our most popular 'My Breast Cancer Support' pole! We've donated over $1,000 thanks to your purchases to My Breast Cancer Support to benefit women going through breast cancer treatment in York, Wells, Kittery, Portsmouth and throughout the Seacoast of New England. Women in treatment receive gas cards, movie passes, spa treatments and many other benefits to help them on their journey.

Pro Active = Long

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