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7 Tips on How To Avoid Falling on Snow

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7 Tips on How To Avoid Falling on Snow

7 Tips on How To Avoid Falling Snow'Tis the season and falling on snow is the quickest way to ruin your Winter. Not only is it embarrassing to turf out when others are watching but you can really hurt yourself. Here are 7 tips on how to avoid falling on snow.

  1. Wear Smart Footwear - make sure your shoes have excellent tread because nothing will send you sliding faster than if you have no traction. 
  2. Add Ice Grips to Your Shoes - invest in some removable ice grips that fit right over your current shoes. They are not expensive and sometimes you can just leave them on an extra set of boots so you are always ready to go.
  3. Remove Snow From Your Shoes - as the snow packs into your treads make sure you knock the snow out 
  4. Slow Down - plan enough time so you can be calm and step slowly planning ahead for each step
  5. Walk Like a Penguin - lean forward a little bit and walk on the insides of your feet. This way if you do fall at least you'll fall forward and not backward
  6. Walk Near the Edges - the center is where everyone walks so it gets extra slippery. Try to walk on the grit if there is grit or walk on the sides where the snow is less packed down.
  7. Concentrate on Your Steps - stay focused on each step and try not to get distracted. The more you think about where you are going to step the less likely you will get distracted and misstep. 
If you are walking with poles for balance and stability this Winter you might also want to try our newest product offering which are metal studded tapered walking tips. Boy do they ever give you extra bite and grip on surfaces that might be icy in spots! >>> Check them out here

7 Tips on How To Avoid Falling Snow

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