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No Trails left untouched…..or unwalked

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No Trails left untouched…..or unwalked

With technology organizing and managing our everyday activities, it is no surprise how we rely on our phones for everything.  We used to memorize phone numbers and events but now thanks to Apple, the iPhone does it all for us.  Relying on our memory to navigate our way home or remembering what path we took on the trail is just not necessary anymore, especially with the navigation capabilities and applications of our phones. 

However, thanks to the Appalachian Mountain Club http://www.outdoors.org/ here are 4 reasons to why you need to use other navigational devices other than your iPhone.

  1. Battery life is unreliable.  Although you charge it completely, any phone calls or checking with your navigation application will drain your battery.  If you plan on staying on the trail overnight your phone will turn into a useless piece of electronics.
  2. Size does matter when you’re on the trail.  A phone screen is substantially smaller than a paper map.  Unlike the phone screen where you need to scroll and zoom, a paper map will allow you to see the entire trail area at once.
  3. Rain rain go away!  The iPhone or any phone for that matter does not mix well with water.  Taking out your phone to check your map in the rain could damage the device leaving you no navigation capabilities.
  4. Failure to launch.  Let’s face it, technology is not always reliable.  Many applications crash, freeze or just plain fail at doing what they were designed to do.

Be a smart Nordic walker and take on the trails a water proof paper map, compass, extra batteries and a note left behind saying where you went and when you will be back.

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