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Nordic Walker Spot Light… Kay

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Nordic Walker Spot Light… Kay

Since featuring osteoporosis in our previous newsletter, I began to delve deeper to find actual stories of people dealing with osteoporosis on a daily basis.  Meet Kay, our Spotlight for March.  After sharing her success story online it didn’t take long for her story to captivate readers and motivate lifestyle changes.

 With a family history of osteoporosis, Kay quickly realized in her forties that she had osteopenia in her hips and spine.  When walking began to leave her stiff, sore and in pain, she looked towards Nordic Walking for relief.

 “The technique is fabulous, it engages the upper body so you get more out of your exercise and you feel like you’re not actually exerting yourself as the poles support your body.” (Kay states)

 With a new outlook on life and a fitter body that feels healthier and happier, Kay is on her way to completing a 21km half marathon with her Nordic Walking Poles.  Enjoying her new found routine with fellow walkers that have knee, back and shoulder issues, she and others are quickly shedding the pounds.  Kay has found her niche.

 Nordic Walking has become imperative to people who need to stay and become fit - since it strengthens posture, balance, coordination and improves many health conditions.

 “I feel fitter and stronger physically” states Kay.

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