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Nordic Walking Helps Parkinson Patients

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Nordic Walking Helps Parkinson Patients

Nordic Walking is proving to be a great gift for individuals suffering from Parkinson disease. The seemingly simple looking activity of walking with Nordic poles is bringing a lot of hope and cheer to people who had compromised with a life of pain and inactivity.

Visually Nordic Walking benefits may seem to be hard to pin down but it is not so in reality. The very act of walking with the active participation of the upper body, confers the kind of benefits on the body, which can matched by only very few exercises.

The combination of Nordic Poles with regular walking produces an effect akin to the movement of a four wheel vehicle. While regular walking entails the use of the legs but keeps the upper body largely under exercised, Nordic walking ensures the active use of all the four limbs of the body. The active use of the whole body results in many health benefits including

  1. Improved balance for the body
  2. Increased heart rate
  3. Better vascular health
  4. Better oxygen intake
  5. Benefits to the hip, knee and ankle joints.
  6. Higher Bone density.

All these benefits combine to provide a better quality of life to Parkinson afflicted individuals. The body feels stronger and there is a qualitative increase in the confidence level of Parkinson afflicted individuals.

Nordic walking provides all the benefits of  regular exercise and many additional benefits also but interestingly, the side effects of walking are totally eliminated in Nordic walking. Besides all the great effects of Nordic walking, the greatest help comes in the shape of very significant increase in the body balance. Patients of Parkinson disease often suffer from body balance issues and often lose mobility in the long run. Nordic walking is a great option for such people. The quality of life and the zeal for life witnesses a much needed upward shift with the initiation to Nordic walking.

If you have Parkinson's review our Nordic Pole options It could be just what you need to secure your balance and confidence when you are out and about.

More on Parkinson's and Nordic walking here https://www.yorknordic.com/blog/post/parkinson-s-patients-benefit-from-nordic-walking/

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